Thursday, November 17, 2011

My obsession with Baking Soda...

Hello, my name is Candace and i'm addicted to Pinterest.   My favorite things are the DIY and How to's...I've tried tons of stuff on there! Most of it has worked and is at awesome low cost prices! Which to me, is a wonderful thing! And even though one preschooler and a baby runs my house now, soon it will be a preschooler and a toddler and they're both low cost is the bomb!

So I thought it would be neat to start a blog about my pinterest adventures. Gah, I hope ppl read this. =)

Right now i've decided to go au'natural...with cleaning. My cleaning supplies has been replaced with Baking Soda galore, Borax, Washing Powder, Vinegar and Fels Naptha soap. lol I am obsessed with Baking Soda! I have been using it for everything. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! From cleaning tubs to face scrubs.

I came across a pin talking about cleaning stainless steel. I decided to try it on my sink. If you have stainless steel sinks then you know that you can clean and clean and clean them and sometimes they still have a brown residue.

So here is my sink before. See the residue in the left side...ew.

I got about 3/4cup of Baking Soda and mixed enough Peroxide with it to make a paste. Then using your hands, or a cloth if you want, rub it on the stainless steel.

Then rinse. I'm fairly pleased with the outcome. The residue is completely gone in the left side.

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